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Population Data

This resource contains seven activities related to population statistics.

Data Assessment is fourteen pages of questions to be used a test of the topics covered in the seven lessons.

Population Change Information Sheet is...

Best Song Ever

In this activity students calculate Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient. The activity consists of students listening to the first few seconds of ten famous songs, ranking them and then comparing their ranking with an official ranking.

Best Songs Ever: This presentation...

Climate Change

In this resource students are required to use moving averages to investigate evidence for trends in local temperature change. There are links to the very real political and scientific debates regarding the question of climate change.

Climate Change Overview This brief overview makes...

Careers Examples and Options

These two Future Morph resources aim to show students that there is a wide choice of options open to those who study sciences and mathematics. The resources consist of:

Career examples list

The list covers six areas of science:

* Living things


Building Images

In this activity, students create colour images from satellite data. This allows them to study how different surfaces reflect different wavelengths of light, how coloured images are created using an RGB model, and how band combinations can be chosen to examine a particular landscape effectively.

Particle Physics: a Physics Kit

This resource, produced by SEPNet and Queen Mary University of London, uses Lego to represent the building blocks of matter. Different colour Lego bricks are assigned to different quarks and leptons. The quarks can be put together to make hadrons, such as protons and neutrons. The blocks can also be used to show...

Linear Programming

Linear Programming involves creating a function that represents a real life problem. The aim is to optimise this function given certain constraints. Simple examples of linear programming will have few variables and constraints, however, real life situations will have many more variables and constraints that will...

Critical Path Analysis

Critical path analysis is a project management technique and is used to lay out all of the activities which are needed to complete a task. Starting some activities will depend on completing others first, while independent activities can be started any time. Critical path analysis helps to predict the project...

Travelling Salesperson

The aim of a travelling salesperson problem is to visit every vertex of the network and return to the starting vertex using the route that has the minimum total weight. The problem requires students to find the best route for a courier to take to deliver parcels to a number of towns and return back to base.


Route Inspection

The aim of the route inspection problem is to find a route that is as short as possible yet goes down every road once and returns to the starting point. The task informs students that there has been a heavy snowfall overnight and that the students are required to clear the roads in the town centre as quickly as...


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