In this resource students deal with the problem of administering doses of a prescribed drug so that the body does not have too little or an excess of the drug. An understanding of half life is required. Students do not need to use more complicated formulae for exponential decay but that could be introduced in an extension. The resource includes teacher guidance, a student handout, specimen reports and assessment sheets which could be used to aid peer assessment of reports.

Teacher Guidance Cormathzadrine gives an overview of the task. It lists the resources and suggests how they could be used. It also contains a link to a video-clip which could be used as a lesson starter to put the task into context.

Modelling Marking Grid can be duplicated so that students can assess other students' work. There are clear criteria and a simple format for recording the assessments.

Cormathzadrine Marking Grid shows assessment criteria for "Formulating a model", Model Development" and "Evaluation and Interpretation". It could be used alongside or as an alternative to the Modelling Marking Grid for peer or self assessment.

Cormathzadrine is a handout for students with a brief set of instructions and information about the drug trial. Without being too specific it outlines the type of decisions which need to be made when formulating the mathematical model.

Drug Research: This Excel file shows the outcomes for some different arrangements for the administration of the drug for patients with different metabolic rates. Discussion of the information and formulae held within sections of the sheets could aid understanding of the task and allow students to make rapid progress.

Dosage Model Report - Joe T: This is a sample report which could be used as an example or for a sample peer assessment exercise.

Drug ReportThis is another example of a report which could be used for a sample peer assessment exercise.

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