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Improving science teacher retention: do National STEM Learning Network professional development courses keep science teachers in the classroom?

The Wellcome Trust commissioned the research reported here with two aims: to develop a greater understanding of science teacher retention; and to test whether there is any link between subject specific CPD delivered by the National STEM Learning Network and likelihood to stay in the profession.

The research...

Literature review of assessment for learning in science

This literature review, by NFER, sought to address the following research questions:

  • What does AfL in science involve?
  • What AfL techniques are most commonly used in science?
  • Does science make use of different AfL techniques to other subjects?
  • How commonly is AfL used in...

Exploring Young People's Views on Science Education

Published by the Wellcome Trust in September 2011, this report aimed to find a deeper understanding of young people’s attitudes to science education, particularly regarding the value young people place on science education (for themselves as individuals and for society in general), as well as the key factors...

Educational practices -guiding principles for learning in the 21st Century

The purpose of this booklet is to offer guiding principles about learning in the twenty-first century. It is intended for teachers, curriculum designers, school leaders, and others involved in all levels of school education and can be used for any age group, as the principles it contains are general enough to be...

Whole School Approach: Managing Poor Behaviour - Case Study

This document from the Department of Education looks at approaches to managing behaviour throughout the whole school at both a primary and secondary school. As part of the managing behaviour and bullying in schools case studies the resource explores: *Staff response to misbehaviour *'Golden Rules' and tickets *...

Day Six of Exclusion: The Extent and Quality of Provision for Pupils

This report from Ofsted looks at the provision for excluded pupils. Schools and local authorities are required to provide full-time and suitable education for pupils from day six of fixed-period and permanent exclusions. This survey evaluates the extent to which a sample of schools and local authorities were...

Children Missing from Education

The aim of this survey was to evaluate the effectiveness of actions taken by local authorities in relation to children and young people who are missing from education or in danger of becoming so. It considers whether legislation and guidance support the local authorities effectively in protecting and educating them...

Ensuring Good Behaviour Summary

This summary was produced by the Department for Education in 2012 to support schools with their behaviour policy. This document summarises the legal powers and duties that govern behaviour and attendance in school at the time of writing, and explains how they apply to teachers, governing bodies, pupils and parents...

Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones

This resource by Pedagogics explores subtle adjustments to teacher's language in order to be less emotive, more objective-led and promote progress.

Dr Haim Ginott Quote

This Pedagogics resource displays a quote from Dr Haim Ginott entitled "I have come to a frightening conclusion".


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