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Seasonal science

Students devise, produce and perform a science show for parents or other students in the school. This can be related to particular events happening throughout the year. With guidance, students or children of any age can devise their own show.

Science at home

Aimed at primary level, this pack contains activities that can be done with materials easily found at home. These activities are an ideal way for the whole family to take part in science activities without needing hours of preparation. The activities cover a mixture of topics including: changing state, properties...

Save Our Bees

Aimed at primary level, this activity pack contains nine activities about bees. The activities link to the curriculum areas of identifying plants and animals, pollination, lifecycles, food chains and habitats. They include: identifying bees and bee pollinated plants, the factors which affect growth and decline in...



Running a Club

These Cre8ate maths activities draw on the mathematics of combinatorial thinking and involve a set of functional maths activities.

Rocket mice

In this activity students make an air-powered launcher to propel a card mouse.

Equipment required:

Plastic bottle, card, scissors, tape.

Rigid Structures

This activity from Cre8ate maths looks at the exciting mathematics connected with the regeneration going on in our cities. The three activities are based around the construction of rigid structures and provide opportunities for practical work and mathematical problem solving.

Finding rigidity introduces...

Radiation Math

This series of activities from NASA take a mathematical approach to looking at radiation, and will make the student familiar with many forms of radiation, how it is measured, and what different doses can lead to over time. They are intended as supplementary problems for students looking for additional challenges in...


In this Cre8ate maths activity students learn that a simulation is a model of a real situation. Data for the birth rate of rabbits is provided and is used by students to develop their own model to simulate the breeding of rabbits in a field and consider the likely damage to the farmer’s crop. Initially this is done...


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