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Embedding evaluation in CPD for effective outcomes and higher impact

This Powerpoint presentation from the May 2016 Research Conference looks at the issues facing teachers in using evaluation in their CPD activities and illustrates how to do this more effectively.

Author: Irina Kudenko

How to enhance CPD to maximise the measurable impact on students’ achievement in science

This research was Published in 2014 and presented at the ESERO 2013 Conference.

The purpose of any teacher continuing professional development (CPD) is to ensure a positive change in pupils’ outcomes, yet the evaluative evidence to support this relationship is often weak or missing. Using the CPD programme...

School Organisation and STEM Career-related Learning

Published in August 2013 by the The National STEM Learning Centre and Network, the aim of this research project was to identify the range of factors that shape senior leadership team decisions with regards to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)...

An investigation of headteachers’ and teachers’ views towards science-specific CPD

Published in April 2013  This report from the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) presents the findings from an investigation into the views of senior staff with responsibility for determining CPD strategy, within schools and further education colleges.    



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