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Share supports students to define their idea, visualising it, and tell its story.

This stage involves:  

  • Finalising your design idea
  • Visualising ideas, for example hand sketching, technical drawing, 3D modelling, photography  
  • Creating a clear written narrative on what it is,...


Make supports students to invent and explore multiple possibilities, testing them openly and often, and learning quickly before making well-informed decisions about the right ideas to develop.

This stage involves:  

  • Brainstorming multiple ideas
  • Filtering and selecting ideas
  • ...


The Collect package of resources supports students to try out user-centred design principles,  helping them to collect information about their chosen theme for the V&A Innovate challenge. The resources encourage students to explore, listen to people, observe and uncover everything they need to know to help...

Become an innovator!

Become an innovator! This video introduces the challenges involved in the V&A Innovate collection.  It sets the scene for how creativity and design can have a positive impact on our world and tasks students with using their creative talents to solve...

Getting started

This collection of Getting Started resources will help you to set up the V&A Challenge with your students. Getting Started focuses your students on establishing a design team. The downloadable resources provide ideas for mini team challenges that your students can take part in to help them begin their creative...

Shorter by helicopter

In this resource students are asked to plot graphs of real data to compare the straight-line distances between towns with the distance by road.

The resource is part of the Nuffield Maths Level 1 Foundation resource collection.


This resource contains a worksheet, bingo cards and matching cards to give learners practice in simplifying ratios.

The resource is part of the Nuffield Maths Level 1 Foundation resource collection.

Plumber's call-out

In this resource students complete data tables, then draw, read and interpret linear graphs where the intercept on the y axis is not zero. Interpretation includes finding where two linear graphs meet. The last part requires student access to a spreadsheet.

The resource is part of the Nuffield Maths Level 1...

House prices

There are two versions of this house prices activity. Both involve large data sets of house prices showing how they have changed in different locations over long and short periods of time. In Version A, students draw and interpret statistical diagrams and calculate statistical measures by hand. In Version B,...

Fractions, decimals and percentages

This resource includes a variety of activities which can be used to give students practice in converting between fractions, decimals and percentages.

The resource is part of the Nuffield Maths Level 1 Foundation resource collection.


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