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100 Years of Radium: Marie Curie and the History of Radiochemistry

This book, published by the Association for Science Education (ASE) and The British Society for the History of Science, celebrates the life and work of Marie Curie and the subsequent developments in radiochemistry.

The book focuses on the development and applications of radiochemistry and is set out in a collection of units which include teachers' notes and student sheets. Each unit can stand alone and differs in style. Some may be more suitable for Key Stage Three students while others are more appropriate for Key Stage Four and above. The focus varies from an isolated discovery, to an overview of the science, to attempts to place the characters in the context of their society.

Unit titles are:

Introduction: Celebrating radiochemistry

Unit 1: The time line (class activity)
Unit 2: Marie Curie - a life
Unit 3: Radium and the Periodic Table
Unit 4: Women at the forefront of a science
Unit 5: The alchemists' dream
Unit 6: Technetium - the making of an element
Unit 7: Beyond uranium
Unit 8: The birth of an industry

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