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3D Printing, a new and emerging technology

This lesson resource provides teacher notes for delivering a lesson that places 3D Printing as a new and emerging technology. It looks at how 3D printers work and provides a student assessment.

How is 3D Printing used in society?

This lesson teaches students different uses of 3D printing and highlights the three main parts to the 3D printing process (I.e. design, slice, print).

What is CAD modelling?

This lesson introduces students to the concept of CAD modelling and details the difference between 2D and 3D images and CAD and CAM. It also provides a basic introduction to creating a simple 3D model using Fusion 360.

How to prepare a model for 3D printing

This lesson explains how to prepare a model for 3D printing. It looks at creating an exportable file (STL) from Fusion 360 and describes the key settings that students will need to understand when slicing a file (I.e. infill, layer height, raft). This resource is useful to those not using Fusion 360, but you may...