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Sun|trek is an educational website about the Sun, our star, and its effect on the Earth's environment. It has been produced by a team of solar research scientists, working with teachers and educators. It is closely linked to the UK school curriculum Sun|trek have produced projects for schools, at Key Stage 4, using...

STEM Clubs are individual to each school and there is no fixed formula for running one. There is, however, plenty of support available for those wanting to start one, and for existing club leaders who want to develop their club further.

This collection includes a step by step guide which...


The Spacelink Learning Foundation is a UK Registered Charity dedicated to the use of space to improve education in secondary schools. The Foundation’s Education Policy is to encourage the maximum number of schools and other groups throughout the world to gain experience of, and benefit from, the use of space-...

This collection includes a series of themed activities and resources suitable for use in STEM clubs.  

In addition, it includes an example of a STEM club scheme of work from Dagenham Park School, as well as a template suitable for use when planning activities for your own STEM club.

This collection contains some intermediate-higher level activities for an informal chemistry club.

This collection contains some basic to intermediate level activities for an informal chemistry club.

NASA Space Math

This series of activities from NASA are based on a weekly series of space science problems distributed to teachers in the United States, from 2004 to 2010. They were intended for students aged 9 to 19 looking for additional challenges in the mathematics and physical science curriculum. The problems were created to...

Maths Magic

Maths Magic’s aim is to make mathematics more appealing and enjoyable for students and to open up new opportunities for them in STEM subjects and careers. Maths Magic is a STEM project funded by HEFCE to help widening participation in Higher Education. This collection consists of twelve teaching ideas covering a...


Stonemaier Games Wingspan Board Game


Wingspan is a competitive, medium-weight, card-driven, engine-building board game from Stonemaier Games.


Pandemic: Iberia

Z-Man Games Pandemic Iberia Board Game


It’s the mid-19th Century and the Iberian Peninsula is awash in malaria, typhus, cholera, and yellow fever. As members of The Second Royal Philanthropic...


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