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Dr Clare Postlethwaite - ice modeller

Computer modellers use computers to help them understand how the world works and to help predict what might happen in the future. Sea ice modellers use computer software to simulate how ice freezes, melts and moves and how different things such as ocean temperature affect it. A Levels: Maths, Further Maths, Biology...

Jamie Hannaford - hydrologist

Hydrologists are principally involved in monitoring, managing and conserving the Earth's freshwater resources. They study the quantity, trends and implications of freshwater in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, aquifers and glaciers. They also monitor and analyse rainfall. A Levels: Geography, History, Physics


Dr Matt Horstwood - geologist

Geosciences, or geology, are the scientific study of the structure, evolution and dynamics of the earth and its natural resources. A Levels: Biology, Geology, Chemistry

Dr Caroline Nichol - environmental physicist

Scottish Higher Qualifications: English, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Economics

Dr Michael Pocock - ecologist

An ecologist is a biologist who studies the relationship between organisms and their environment. A Levels: Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Maths

Sheila Kanani: Planetary Scientist

Sheila Kanani is a PhD student in Planetary Science working on using data from the Cassini Spacecraft at the Mullard Space Science laboratory at University College London. In this video, Sheila describes what happens in her workplace where every part of the spacecraft is designed, built and analysed with data...

Leo Garcia: PhD Student at the Institute of Cancer Research

This video describes the work of Leo Garcia, a PhD student at the Institute of Cancer Research working in the field of ultrasound elastography. In particular he is researching the use of this method in brain surgery to help guide the surgeon to find tumours and diagnose cancer. In the video, Leo describes how the...

Graham Gannon: Entrepreneur

Graham Gannon is a snowboarder, outdoor adventurer and entrepreneur. Jobs that he has been involved in include radio, television, designing websites and advising on marketing strategy. In this video, Graham describes how his very varied working life evolved and the benefits and drawbacks of freelance work. As a...

Faye Cashman: Spacecraft Engineer

Faye Cashman is a Systems Engineer at Astrium in Portsmouth. In this video, Faye describes her work with all sorts of spacecraft systems such as communication satellites and the Mars Rover. She is currently working on a new telescope which will, in time, replace the Hubble telescope and uses infrared to see...

Charlotte Bailey: Trainee Plant Analyst

Charlotte Bailey works at Sellafield nuclear power plant as an Apprentice Plant Analyst. In this video she describes her work at Sellafield, monitoring for contamination of the environment by nuclear waste. Although she did not have previous science qualifications, Charlotte now has a detailed knowledge of nuclear...


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