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This collection of posters provide instructions and background information for 3D printing, slicing software and Fusion 360. Great for displays, with an optional 'Zapper' QR code for video footage.

Poster: Fusion 360 Arm Cast

This poster provides student instruction of how to use Fusion 360 to create an arm cast, using a canvas, sculpt and patch function.

Poster: Fusion 360 Extrude

This poster provides student instruction of how to use the extrude function in Fusion 360.

Poster: Fusion 360 Revolve Function

This poster provides student instruction of how to use the revolve function in Fusion 360. 

Poster: Using a 3D printer

This poster gives student instructions of how to use a 3D printer. The printer it references is the BeeVeryCreative, however, the majority of information is applicable to any filament printer. The poster also comes with a Zapper code that can be scanned to reveal a video of the printer at work.




This animated clip explains how planets outside our solar system are difficult to see because they get lost in the glare of the star they orbit. The clip briefly mentions Doppler shift, dimming through transit as detection techniques that enable us to infer what the planet is made of, and explains what the...

Salters' Chemistry Club: which glue is stronger?

This resource describes an activity for an informal chemistry club, students make different types of glue and test which is the strongest. The aim is to convey the excitement of chemistry and develop students’ curiosity.


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