These MEI Online resources are suitable for use by students studying AQA Further Pure Mathematics 1 (FP1).

Topics covered include Complex Numbers, an Introduction to the addition, subtraction and multiplication of Matrices, as well as Matrix transformation. There are detailed study notes and exercises, as well as topic related tests and activities to assess student attainment.


These resources, covering the topic of Complex Numbers, are suitable for students following the AQA Further Pure 1 Mathematics course (FP1).

Detailed notes for all aspects of this course, together with study plans, exercises, activities, tests and interactive questions are provided.

MEI Online Resources provide this introduction to Matrices for AQA FP1. Detailed notes covering the manipulation of matrices and crucial points to learn are included, together with study plans for both Heinemann and Oxford textbooks.

MEI Online Resources provide a selection of resources on Matrix Transformations for AQA FP1. These include detailed notes on stretches, enlargements, rotations, reflections and composite transformations. There are study plans, exercises for students to complete and demonstrations which show how various ways in...

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