APU Science Reports for Teachers: Students Aged 11

Of the 11 APU Science Reports for Teachers, five addressed aspects of the surveys or students' performance of particular relevance to teachers of students aged 11.

Report 1 summarised the findings from the first two surveys across the range of categories assessed, indicating what most students aged 11 were able to do, what about half could do and what few could do.

Report 4 outlined the categories of science performance assessed and how they were assessed.

Report 6 was about practical testing combined information across the three age groups involved in the surveys, describing the ‘circus’ approach used to assess observation and how the performance of investigations was assessed.

Report 8 was concerned with results of assessing students’ skills in planning investigations; Report 11 describes the outcomes of a joint study between the APU science teams and the APU language team.



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APU Science Report for Teachers 1: Science at Age 11

This APU report for teachers presents a summary of the main findings likely to be of most interest to teachers from the first two surveys of students at age 11, conducted in 1980 and 1981. It also offers some conclusions about what students at this age were generally...

APU Science Report for Teachers 4: Science Assessment Framework Age 11

This APU report for teachers gives information about what was assessed in the APU monitoring of students’ performance aged 11 (a short-hand for children between the ages of 10 years 9 months and 11 years 8 months). After a brief summary of the background to the APU...

APU Science Report for Teachers 6: Practical Testing at Ages 11, 13, and 15

This APU report for teachers describes the aspect of the science surveys where the science project broke new ground. The reason for including practical tasks was the emphasis placed on practical work in science, requiring a range of skills.

It was considered that science performance could not be adequately...

APU Science Report for Teachers 8: Planning Scientific Investigations at Age 11

This APU report for teachers focuses on students’ planning of investigations. Although considered important in several respects, Rep...