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Charles Cockell - Professor of Astrobiology

Charles is investigating whether there is life on other planets.  He studies life in extreme environments, such as in volcanoes or on the International Space Station.  He studied biochemistry at university and went on to study astrobiology and the possibility of life on other planets. 

There are two cuts of...

BRAINYSONGS: Learn Science Through Song | Inspiring Learning Videos + FREE Worksheet and Answer Pack

Dear All,

I am very excited to let you know about 'BrainySongs' - a great new resource for learning Primary Science - currently for Key Stage 1

Songs are an effective and enjoyable, alternative way to learn. Kids love music, and these music videos are non-animated....

Sugar Smart World (Key Stage 1)

In this activity pupils look at how much sugar is in some everyday food and drink, and use their maths skills to find healthier swaps. They  solve simple addition calculations to work out the amount of sugar in different kinds of food that may be eaten by children on a regular basis....

Born to Engineer - Angelo Grubisic

This video shows Angelo Grubisic, an aerospace engineer who combines his love of wingsuit BASE jumping with his engineering knowledge to develop the world's most scientifically engineered wingsuit.

"Angelo is developing the world’s most scientifically engineered wingsuit, capable of smashing records. For...

Digestive System Experiment

This short film clip follows primary school teacher, Danny, as he demonstrates a practical experiment which recreates the digestion process in the classroom. Using household items such as paper cups, orange juice and a pair of tights, this demonstration enables children to visualise the process of digestion in an...

NE711 Introducing assessment for learning supporting resources

The following resources support the online CPD course Introducing assessment for learning. This course is available via FutureLearn.

Space Journey

Space Journey is the fun and exciting way for children to learn about the solar system.
Children start with an astronaut kit then receive monthly packages from each planet containing photos, postcards, letter, souvenirs and much more.
Based around a story of our characters Geo and Atlas who are on a...

London Museum of Water & Steam Education Sessions

The educational sessions on offer at the London Museum of Water & Steam.

Please contact the Learning Coordinator on 0203 7284 973 or email

Find Online Home Tutor

Find a local or online home tutor with Tutor Choice. Tutor choice is one of the UK leading tutoring website. It is basically a place for professionals tutor to advertise their expertise and for potential students to find a tutor. Similarly, parents and tutees can create...

RSPB FREE Schools Outreach Workshops in Bexley

We offer a selection of fantastic and engaging curriculum linked sessions for primary and early years.   

Each session includes at least 30 minutes of outdoor activity and are delivered by a trained RSPB educator. Children will experience the natural world first-hand and they will learn about the outdoors in...


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