Becta was the government agency leading the national drive to ensure the effective and innovative use of technology in education. It was established in 1997 and closed in March 2011. Becta provided leadership to embed the effective use of technology and provided rigorous research to evaluate the impact of technology on the education and skills sector. This collection of contains Becta materials that are specifically relevent to the teaching and learning of science. Upon its closure, an archive of the Becta web site was produced.



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Primary Science with ICT: Pupils' Entitlement to ICT in Primary Science

Produced by Becta, this teacher guidance booklet looks at the use of ICT in primary school science. It describes a range of ICT-based activities for Key Stages One and Two. These include:
* Plant growth
* Plants and animals in their environment
* Moving and growing
* Light
* Sound...

Secondary Science with ICT: a Pupil’s Entitlement to ICT in Secondary Science

Produced by Becta, this document contains examples which highlight ways in which ICT resources may be used effectively to support children's learning within secondary science.

The examples include:

  • Sound and waves
  • Forces and moments
  • Disease and mortality
  • Digestion and...

Which Colour Makes the Best Sunglasses for Teddy?

Produced by Becta, this short case study shows how one school used dataloggers to investigate the properties of light and colour filters with a Year Two class. Teachers posed the question: Which is the best colour for teddybear sunglasses. Students used datalogging equipment to measure the effect on light when...

Using Video to Illustrate Dynamic Equilibria *suitable for home teaching*

In this short video clip, produced by Becta, a group of GCSE students describe how they used...