Believers, Seekers and Sceptics: What Teachers Think about CPD

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In 2005 the Wellcome Trust commissioned this survey of teachers and managers in state maintained schools in England, focusing on three main aspects of continuing professional development (CPD):

• What do different types of teacher want from CPD?
• What are the benefits of CPD, and for whom?
• What, if anything, stops them getting the CPD they want?

A detailed analysis of data from the survey suggested that teachers could be placed in one of four groups:

• Seekers: Valued CPD but found their opportunities to benefit from it were limited

• Believers: Felt their careers had benefited from CPD

• Sceptics: Dubious about the benefits of CPD, which they saw as focused on government initiatives rather than their own professional needs

• Agnostics: Might agree that CPD was important in principle, but doubted its quality or relevance

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