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Microscopy of root tip mitosis

In plants, cell division by mitosis takes place in specific tissues, called meristems, that are found at the growing root and shoot tips and in the cambium between the xylem and phloem of the vascular bundle. The cells in the meristems are...

Online ecology one - measuring abundance and random sampling on a footpath

This online ecology practical, from SAPS, uses random sampling to measure the abundance of various different species on an area of grassland.


To give students practice at

  • using random sampling to measure the abundance of various different species on an area of...

Online ecology three - abundance and random sampling at Waun Las nature reserve

In this resource from SAPS, students learn about random sampling, diversity and different measures of abundance, before looking at close-up photographs of quadrats and using the field guide to identify them. The resources are intended to help students develop skills and plant identification techniques before going...

Online ecology two - the distribution of species across a field

This online ecology practical, by SAPS, is designed to give students an opportunity to see how systematic sampling can be used to

  • investigate changes in species richness across a footpath
  • the distribution of species across a footpath

These online exercises are not intended as a...

Osmosis in bell pepper pericarp tissue

This resource is designed to meet the specifications for the A-level practical endorsement in England (CPAC). It is a new version of the classic osmosis practical measuring the weight change of tissues in various osmotic solutions using pieces of bell pepper (Capsicum annum) instead of potato. This is a...

Parts of a Plant and Their Functions *suitable for home teaching*

Aimed at primary level, this resource introduces children to the structure and function of the parts of a flowering plant. A range of activities are provided which help to familiarise learners with the basic parts of a plant, including growing plants from seed and...

Photosynthesis and Leaf Adaptation: How Sun and Shade Plants Respond to Light

In this practical investigation, students measure the rate of photosynthesis in plants from different habitats (sun and shade), and then consider what this demonstrates about leaf adaptation.

When leaf discs are...

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Physics of coconuts

In this experiment students investigating the physics of floating and falling coconuts, using the coconut “kernel”.


Equipment needed:

* Coconuts

Plant Disease

This collection of resources introduces 14-16 students to the world of plant disease in a lively and engaging way. They include practicals and classroom activities to get your students thinking about plants as living organisms, with their own defences against the threat of invading pathogens. 

Ideas about...


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