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Online ecology three - abundance and random sampling at Waun Las nature reserve

In this resource from SAPS, students learn about random sampling, diversity and different measures of abundance, before looking at close-up photographs of quadrats and using the field guide to identify them. The resources are intended to help students develop skills and plant identification techniques before going out into the field.

However, this resource also allows you to introduce the effects of different conservation techniques in managing species diversity, by contrasting different locations at Waun Las National Nature Reserve, part of the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

Students will

  • use random sampling to measure the abundance of various different species on two different areas of meadowland at Waun Las National Nature Reserve

  • explore two different measures of abundance, both density (the number of individual plants in a quadrat) and frequency (the proportion of quadrats each species occurs in)

  • consider how and why the abundance of different species varies between the two sites

The high-quality images of quadrats in two  sites can be accessed via the links below:

View Site A online

View Site B online

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