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Catalyst Volume 15 Issue 2: Full Magazine

This issue of Catalyst includes the following articles:

Exploring Saturn

This article follows the journey of the space probes "Huygens" and "Cassini", sent to explore Titan, a moon of Saturn. After a seven year journey it was set to fall through the Earth's atmosphere transmitting data back, allowing the possibility to learn more about this distant moon.

Twenty-First Century Plant Hunter

This article looks at the work of a botanist travelling the world looking for new plant species.

Nitrogen Notes

This article explores the uses for nitrogen and its compounds.

Inherited Diseases

Human beings are the product of their genes, inherited from their parents, interacting with their environment. This environment is not just the physical one but also the social one - interactions with other people. How can the unique set of chromosomes and genes inherited from parents cause problems?

Meteorology - Careers

This article looks at careers in meteorology (weather forecasting) and climate science.

Seeing Stars

Light pollution is a growing problem, obscuring our view of the Moon, stars and planets. Astronomers are campaigning to reduce the pollution and bring the night sky back into view.

Gel Electrophoresis

This article explores how the technique is used in DNA fingerprinting.

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