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Martian Explorers: How does the ExoMars Rover Work?

This resource provides a series of 1 hour lessons designed to help children understand the need for exploration robots and learn about how they function. They are based around the European Space Agency’s (ESA) new robotic rover Rosalind Franklin will explore Mars and send back data vital for human exploration in the future. The activities link mostly to D&T with a science context. They are:

The ExoMars Mission

Consider the roles exploration robots can carry out in different environments. Understand the job of an engineer responsible for developing a robot to explore Mars and explore the elements of a design proposal.

The Mars Rover Chassis

Children analyse design proposals, explore different types of motion and mechanisms and develop making skills. They find out about the job of a robotics engineer developing a robot to explore Mars.

Making the Mars Rover Move

Analyse examples of exploration robots that move and learn about simple pulley systems. Develop knowledge of circuit diagrams in an applied context and learn about the role of an electronics engineer developing a robot to explore Mars.

Collecting Samples

Children explore robotic lifting systems, including simple hydraulic and pneumatic systems. They learn about the work of a pneumatics and hydraulics engineer responsible for developing a robot to explore Mars.

Robotic Arms

Learn about mechanical systems and how they are used in space robotics and explore the role of a robotics engineer.

Testing the Mars Rover

Children test and evaluate their models and compare them to original designs.

This activity has been provided by ESERO-UK, as part of the ExoMars resources.

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