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DIY Faraday Challenge: Smart Cycle

The IET DIY Faraday Challenge Day ‘Smart Cycle’ is a DIY STEM activity day but it could be adapted to be run as a suite of lessons. The aim of this challenge is to introduce students to cutting edge technology which engineers are, and will be using in the future and this challenge will work best if you have access to 3D printers at your school or a local venue.  The use of 3D printers can be substituted for making prototypes out of cardboard. Students are challenged to design and create a prototype Smart Beacon which will be used to communicate information to cyclists.  When used, together with other Beacons, along a route, cyclists will be able to identify a safe cycling route which they can use. The Beacon must contain electronic components to allow it to communicate information to cyclists, this may be done by reacting to external conditions e.g. light or temperature and then sending a signal to the cyclists who pass it on their route. 

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