CS4FN Issue 15

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This edition of Computer Science for Fun looks at human-computer interaction (HCI), and how designers aim to make computers that feel good to use. The articles cover:

• ‘Invoked computing’ – camouflaged computers

• HCI and F1 steering wheels

• Cheating robots

• Handshaking – tuning into the shipping forecast

• Using video chat to stay connected to loved ones

• Improving hospital safety with HCI studies

• Automatically adjusting the difficulty of computer games according to players’ stress levels

• Computerised ‘nudges’ - training for self-control and improved health

• A usability study of a baby

• Computer vision – assistance for chefs

• Rethinking simple LED display

• Tracking the movement of people through electrical ‘ripples’

• Robot racing app

• Translating diagrams to sound for partially-sighted people

• Influencing others through your social media posts

• The balance between automation and human control

• Improving our health with computer science

The magazine is edited by Paul Curzon, Jo Brodie and Peter W. McOwan

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