Averages and Moving Averages

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This resource contains two excel files dealing with measures of central tendency, trend and spread for sets of discrete data.

Averages and Range
The first interactive sheet shows a set of nine data items which can be shown sorted into ascending order. The values of mean, median, mode, range, quartiles and inter-quartile range can be revealed.

The next two sheets deal with sets of 10 and 20 items of data in the same way.

The final sheet shows sets of five data items and students either need to calculate mean, median and range or use one of those statistics in order to find the missing data items.

There are five more sheets of questions which may be suitable for use in the classroom.

Moving Averages
The first interactive sheet generates sets of 12 data items which are shown on a graph in the form of a time series. The 3 point moving averages are calculated and plotted on the same diagram and the trend line can be superimposed. The next sheets deal with 4 and 5 point moving averages in the same way.


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