This sub-collection of resources from the Virtual Text Book collection contains seven resources designed for use on an interactive whiteboard to aid the teaching and learning of a variety of topics in ‘Statistics’. Each resource is an interactive excel worksheet to encourage teacher-student interaction. The topics covered are:

• Averages and Moving Averages
• Box and Whisker
• Correlation
• Cumulative Frequency
• Data Sets: Calculating an Estimate of the Mean
• Pie Charts
• Stem and Leaf


Averages and Moving Averages

This resource contains two excel files dealing with measures of central tendency, trend and spread for sets of discrete data.

Averages and...

Box and Whisker

The first sheet of this excel file shows a box and whisker diagram where the defining points can be altered. The second sheet shows two box and whisker diagrams to allow comparison between distributions. The next sheet shows a box and whisker diagram for students to...


The first sheet of this excel file shows a set of data in a scatter plot. The line of best fit can be drawn and a description of the type of correlation can be revealed along with the equation of the trend line. The other sheet shows the value of cars at various ages. The scatter plot shows the data and there are a...

Cumulative Frequency

The first two sheets of this excel file shows sets of data about the weight of cows in two herds. The cumulative frequencies can be revealed and the quartiles and median are shown derived from the cumulative frequency graph. The next sheet shows the comparison of the two herds as shown by the box and whisker...


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