Education Pack: Food Chains

Aimed at primary learners, this resource aims to develop an understanding of some of the food chains within a woodland habitat. Linked to the topics of animals and all living things, it includes a matching activity, a game and a simulation of a food web. Teacher guidance on running the activities is provided along with cards for the matching activity. The activities are:

Matching food chain: Children work co-operatively to place cards in order, to represent a food chain. There are two versions of this game, depending on the age and ability of the participants.

Foxes and rabbits: A game which simulates the feeding relationships within a food chain.

Web of life: A group activity in which children represent plants and animals to simulate a food web.

This resource has been produced by OPAL (Open Air Laboratories).

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A great resource with high-quality photos and a detailed lesson plan. Also includes instructions for a very active game that will really help learning stick in children's minds. I'm adding this to my collection of Year 2 Living Things & Their Habitats resources

Olivia Preston

Hi, everyone! Thanks for an outstanding compilation of teaching materials! Those who specialize in applied linguistics know how hard it is to find nice teaching resources that could be used in the class. They will definitely do good to my term paper about kids (early age - 7) and the learning difficulties they might have, taking into consideration their individual memory peculiarities, esp. the motor (muscle) memory, that I am currently writing following the writing guidelines at

Summer Murphy

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