Biology Changing the World

Aimed at primary level, this collection of resources links to the topics of rocks and soils, evolution, identification and classification. Designed around the Biology Changing the World project it provides information on the life and work of three great biologists: Mary Anning, C B Williams and Beatrix Potter providing insight into their impact on science.

A selection of online resources that link to the biologists are included to stimulate practical work around the topic areas they are:

Mary Anning:
Selenia: Visiting Dinosaurs
Rocks and Soils
Earth Science for Primary Teachers: an INSET Handbook

CB Williams:
One of the Crowd
Crawling Caterpillars
Education Pack: Food Chains

Beatrix Potter:
Grouping and Classification
Water Survey - What Creatures Are Lurking in Your Pond?

Biology Changing the World is part of 15-month project run by the Royal Society of Biology, which began in January 2014. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and has been developed in partnership with the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).



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Rocks: rocks and fossils

Produced by the Hamilton Trust, these resources give details of eight lessons on rocks and soils. This includes lesson plans, practical activities and all student materials. Students find out about what is under their feet. Students are always fascinated by rocks and, in this strand, they describe rocks and compare...


In these two key stage three activities from the ARKive collection, students learn about why species are classified, the ways in which this can be done and the key characteristics of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects. In the first activity, students play the Guess Zoo game to help them...

Water Survey - What Creatures Are Lurking in Your Pond?

This resource investigates the pollution of a local pond or lake by looking at the species which are able to live in it. Some species struggle to survive in polluted waters, while others are more tolerant. The resource may be used when teaching about animals in the local environment, habitats, water and improving...

Selenia: Visiting Dinosaurs

Learn about the properties of materials in this colourful comic aimed at students in Key Stage Two. Written to promote enquiry skills in a context, it focuses on making careful observations when carrying out an investigation testing the hardness of materials.



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