STFC Lunar Rocks and Meteorites Loan Scheme: Primary Resources

The STFC Lunar Rocks and Meteorites Loan Scheme has been running since the mid 1980s. It has lent the NASA Moon rock discs and meteorites to thousands of schools, museums and outreach organisers. The collection has been produced by the ASE with the University of Manchester, Millgate House Education, the Natural History Museum and ESERO UK.

These resources are aimed at Key Stage Two to Three. They can be used either independently or in conjunction with the STFC loan kits.

* Moon talk: Introducing ideas about the Moon by exploring its influence on our language. It is also an opportunity to discuss what idioms and expressions mean.

* Dusty Moon: Learning about the differences between the formation of sedimentary rocks (sand, chalk, clay) and lunar ‘soil’. Observing and drawing a real sample of lunar dust and comparing with sand and other small rock particles from Earth.

* Is that a Moon fact?: Learning about the Moon and its exploration.

* Living on the Moon?: Learning about the similarities and differences between the Earth and the Moon.

* Meteorite detective: Investigating the origins of the three meteorite samples in the loan kit.

* Finding meteorites An opportunity to discuss different environments and the likelihood of finding meteorites in each area.

The teachers’ planning pack includes notes on all the activities.

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