ARKive School Museum (Age 11-14)

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Produced by ARKive, this series of activities teaches students about endangered species through the creation of an interactive museum.

The ARKive School Museum presentation looks at examples of endangered species and explains the concept of an ARKive School Museum. Students then research an endangered species using the ARKive website and Exploring Endangered Species worksheet.

To provide students with an example of an engaging and interactive exhibit the ARKive lesson on Opposable Thumbs is taught. Students then produce an exhibition by creatively presenting information on their chosen species.

Two optional activities are provided within these materials including their own presentation, teacher guidance and worksheets.

They are:
*Learning about Museum Design, which teaches students why museums are effective learning environments.
*Visualizing Your ARKive School Museum, which encourages students to further brainstorm ideas and conceptualise the interactive exhibit ideas.

The materials include teacher guidance, worksheets and presentations.

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