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Planning a Kitchen: SMILE card 1310 is a booklet which requires students to design a kitchen. The first task is to calculate the cost of buying the constituent parts of a kitchen. Students have to measure furniture in their own kitchen and draw a scale diagram. Students are given scale plan drawings of furniture they can use in the kitchen they design.

Planning a Supermarket: SMILE card 1330 begins by giving students a plan of a supermarket to study. The first task is to re-order a shopping list into the best order considering the layout of the shop. Students are asked to consider how supermarkets plan their displays and are asked to plan the layout of their own supermarket.

Running Costs: SMILE card 1326 begins by explaining how the amount of electricity that is used is calculated. A list of appliances is given along with the number of units it uses in a set amount of time. Students are asked to estimate how many hours a week different appliances are used in their house and construct a bar chart.

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