SMILE Cards: Booklets

The SMILE booklets are a collection of stand alone booklets, part of the SMILE mathematics network of numbered workcards.

The collection includes:

*Tables booklets



*Action Fractions

*Action Decimals

*Decimals to Fractions and Back Again


*The Highway Code


*Archimedes Spirals

*Real Spirals



*Running Costs

*Planning a Kitchen

*Planning a Supermarket



SMILE Card 2324 is a booklet containing six sections; counting activities, place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, number puzzles and types of number.

Counting activities gives details of a task explaining how to generate sequences and the game...

Fractions and Decimals

Action Fraction: SMILE card 0598 is a booklet designed to support the teaching and learning of fractions. The booklet begins by using diagrams to explain how to multiply a whole number by a mixed number and is extended to multiplying a mixed number by a mixed number.



Archimedes’ Spirals: SMILE card 1998 is a booklet of activities beginning by explaining how to draw Archimedes’ spirals using the ‘cotton reel method’. The second activity uses a ruler, protractor, string and tracing paper to work out which of the spirals given is an ...


Hexaflexagons: SMILE card 082is a booklet giving detailed instructions on how to make a hexaflexagon. The resource includes photographs showing how to flex the hexaflexagon...


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