Dinner Granny

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This Teachers TV video highlights an innovative programme that combines healthy school meals and environmental awareness education in a Gloucestershire special needs school. When cook Pat Kendall started working at New Siblands School, she was delighted to learn the administration wanted her to serve organic food.

The school buys all produce locally, but Pat plans to turn the caretaker's flower plot into an vegetable garden, with a little help from the Thornbury Horticultural Society. Not only will produce from her garden be used for school meals, but students will be guided through the plot on field trips to learn about plant growth.

The school menu is often adapted to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom - for Victorian Day, students ate gruel! On her limited budget, Pat’s scheme ensures the use of more organic produce and with less junk food being served, whilst allowing students to participate in food preparation in training for careers in catering.

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