Teach Food Technology

Teach Food Technology was a national training programme which was designed to increase the capacity for compulsory food technology teaching in 2011, ensuring that teachers and related professionals are confident in their subject knowledge and skills.

The training was aimed at existing design and technology teachers without food technology experience and specialist food technology teachers with responsibility for coordinating the delivery of food technology.


These case studies were produced by teachers working as Lead Practitioners for the Licence to Cook programme. Although the activities and worksheets they designed were based on the Licence to Cook programme, the resources demonstrate how the course could be changed and adapted to suit local needs.


The Teachers TV videos in this collection are those which have been suggested as part of the pre-course learning for the Food Technology in the Curriculum training course – part of the Teach Food technology national programme.

The films look at how schools have linked food technology at Key Stage Three with...

Food Technology in the Curriculum

The Food Technology in the Curriculum course was part of the Teach Food Technology national training programme. The one day course was supported by the Licence to Cook programme and case studies by lead practitioners.

The training materials focus on the nature of food technology within design and technology...

Teach Food Technology: Mentor Guide

This guide was intended for use by mentors who are supporting teachers being trained as part of the Teach Food Technology programme. The guide prepares them to work with their nominated mentee and plan a mentoring day. The contents of the guide may also be useful for all those involved in mentoring a new food...

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