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Maths in the Navy

Teachers TV provide this resource which features two teachers from two very different working environments. Understanding algebra can make the difference between life and death in the navy and between pass and failure at GCSE.

Peps McCrae, Head of Mathematics at Falmer High School in Brighton, is concerned about the lack of motivation of his Year Eleven students, who are about to sit GCSE examinations. For help to improve the situation he visits Lieutenant Peter Erhahiemen, known by his students as the maths ninja, who is tasked with teaching mathematics to trainee engineers, many of whom have failed at GCSE.

HMS Collingwood in Portsmouth is the largest naval training base in Europe with over 3000 trainees. Mathematics underpins everything in the navy, whether it be engineering, navigation, radar or weapons systems and Peps observes Peter's techniques and talks to recruits to explore how he can motivate his own students.

Inspired by his visit, Peps introduces basic rules to highlight his high expectations about small details. Injecting humour in lessons and providing candid feedback to students also has a positive effect.

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