This collection from Teachers TV features videos which provide great lesson ideas and informative demonstrations of techniques used by secondary teachers in mathematics lessons at a variety of schools covering topics such as:

*circumference and diameter
*dynamic geometry
*mean mode and median
*handling data
*practical trigonometry



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Teachers TV: Mathematics

In this Teachers TV video, mathematics teacher Daniel Gadd links ideas studied in his lessons to the use of mathematics in the world of work, helping students to understand how their learning relates to the real world. The class at the Graham School, Scarborough, focuses on how logistic managers use network...

KS3 Maths - Introducing Pi

This video resource from Teachers TV features Wendy Fortescue-Hubbard as she demonstrates a visual way of introducing Pi. By carefully folding the label from any can across its diameter it is evident that it fits three and a bit times and Jacqui Edwards, teacher of mathematics at Vyners School in Hillingdon, uses...

KS3 Bearings

This video resource from Teachers TV features Wendy Fortescue-Hubbard who visits Coombe Dean School in Plymouth and provides ideas for practical activities which can be tailored to different ability groups.

Tony Biddle, Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT), reviews compass directions with a class of low ability...

Team Challenge

This video resource from Teachers TV features AST mathematics teacher Gary Morris, from William Parker Sports College in Hastings, as he delivers a Key Stage Four GCSE revision lesson which is intended to assess students' understanding of a recently completed module on statistical diagrams. Students work in teams...