This collection from Teachers TV features videos that are aimed at primary mathematics practitioners and professional development. They contain advice and guidance on pedagogy, lesson planning, organising mathematics in and out of the classroom and other areas of teaching and learning. They are useful to both newly qualified and experienced teachers .


Year 6 - A Lesson in Subtraction as a Confidence Builder

Security and confidence in their mathematical knowledge is the key in Year Six at Eleanor Palmer Primary School, as the class teacher consolidates her students' understanding of different methods of subtraction. Headteacher Kate Frood then looks at a sample of students’ work to assess their progress, and follows...

Maths Across the School Day

This Teachers TV video shows how a number of initiatives across a school day are being used to improve progression in mathematics at Great Barr Primary School, Birmingham. Teaching assistants deliver wave three intervention and then feed back to teachers.

A student’s progress is discussed by a key worker...

Managing the Process

As part of the series Progression in Primary Maths, this Teachers TV video looks at the impact of a skills-based curriculum and advanced tracking system on student progress in mathematics.

Sue Courbet, Headteacher at Great Barr Primary School, believes that to improve progression mathematics needs to be...

Teaching and Learning Key Stage One

At Great Barr Primary School, in Birmingham, independent enquiry-based learning has been at the heart of children's learning throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage. In this Teachers TV film, Key Stage One class teachers explain how the school ensures that learning in mathematics builds upon the skills the...


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