Primary Mathematics Teachers TV

Teachers TV was originally a television channel which aimed to provide professional development support for teachers, school leaders, support staff and governors. Many of the programmes were filmed inside real classrooms, with teachers sharing good practice and ideas for lessons.

The videos in this collection are a selection of the programmes related to the teaching of mathematics in primary schools. The collection contains materials suitable for use as stimulus material in the classroom or when planning learning activities. There are also programmes which give advice and guidance on teaching and learning strategies in mathematics.



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This collection from Teachers TV features videos that are intended to be shown to students in primary mathematics lessons. Many of the videos are ideal as lesson starters, often posing a problem for students to consider.


Lesson Ideas

This collection from Teachers TV features videos which provide great lesson ideas for primary mathematics practitioners, covering topics such as:




*data handling

*venn diagrams



*problem solving


This collection from Teachers TV features videos that are aimed at primary mathematics practitioners and professional development. They contain advice and guidance on pedagogy, lesson planning, organising mathematics in and out of the classroom and other areas of teaching and learning. They are useful to both...