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Multiplication and Division

This selection of spreadsheets, designed by the Primary National Strategies to aid teaching and learning, tackles multiplication and division in a variety of ways. The five Multiplication and division facts spreadsheets have a four by four blank multiplication table that generates random numbers and multiplies them to fill the table. The random numbers or answers can be hidden or revealed to practise multiplication or division. Each spreadsheet specifies the range of numbers generated and the 'mixed' version also uses decimals. Teachers' guidance with suggested questions is included.

Multiplication and division with partitioning has two sheets, the first for multiplication and the second for division. Both look at breaking down a multiplication or division sum and showing how these answers build to make the full answer.

Partition and multiply breaks a number into its parts to show how the multiplication can be calculated. This leads into the grid method for multiplication for up to a two digit by three digit calculation.

Multiplication with a missing number or sign shows either a multiplication or division sum where any of the three numbers or the operation sign can be hidden or revealed.

Multiplication and division trios and Multiplication and division flash cards show a triangle of three numbers with a multiplication and two division signs between them. Two numbers, which can be chosen between one and a hundred, are multiplied to give the third and therefore this can be divided by one original number to give the other. It shows the relationship between multiplication and division. Any of the numbers can be hidden or revealed. The flash card version includes the four possible calculations on flash cards. Please enable the macros to allow the resources to function correctly.

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