National Strategies: Primary Mathematics

This collection of resources were developed by the National Numeracy Strategy which itself arose out of the National Numeracy Project in 1996. This project was led by a Numeracy Task Force including the director, Anita Straker. The strategy included an outline of expected teaching in mathematics for all students from Reception to Year Six, this became known as the Framework for Teaching Mathematics.

In 2003, the National Numeracy Strategy, including the Framework for Teaching, was absorbed into the broader Primary National Strategy. In October 2006, the frameworks for teaching literacy and mathematics were 'renewed' and issued in electronic form as the Primary Framework for Literacy and Mathematics. The strategies ceased to operate in 2011.

The materials were designed to help teachers and schools focus on the core activities of improving teaching and learning. They were intended to offer support to both new and experienced teachers, as well as subject leaders and senior leaders.



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A series of resources designed by the Primary National Strategy using spreadsheets covering a range of mathematical topics, aimed at the primary phase but could be used at Key Stage three. The collection is split into six areas covering:
* Addition and subtraction
* Multiplication and division

These resources were published as the Numeracy and then the Primary National Strategy evolved and indicated needs in further guidance on teaching calculations and more materials for teaching specific ability groups of students.


Three of these booklets, Reasoning about numbers, Shape activities and Calculator activities were produced for schools that were taking part in the National Numeracy Strategy before it was launched nationwide for all schools. They all contained ideas and activities that supplemented the number-heavy curriculum...

Guidance Papers

This set of materials, from the Primary National Strategy, arose through the renewal of the Primary Framework for mathematics. The renewal provided an opportunity to take a fresh look at the overall structure of the primary curriculum for mathematics.

This resulted in a reorganisation of the objectives, now...


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