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Interactive Teaching Programs 5

Interactive Teaching Programs (ITPs) are an ICT-based tool developed by the National Strategies to support the teaching of key concepts in mathematics. Where available, manuals which describe how the ITP works and could be used are posted as separate files.

  • Ruler: displays an on-screen ruler which can be used to measure lines and the sides of shapes. There is a choice of rulers and five screens to use to demonstrate measuring length.
  • Symmetry: displays a grid, which has a ‘mirror’ in the middle. The mirror can be set to a horizontal, vertical or diagonal orientation and then adjusted by dragging it around a central point. Squares on the grid can be highlighted in yellow and the shape created can be moved to a new position on the grid.
  • Tell the time: displays on-screen analogue and digital clocks separately or together. The clocks can be moved around the screen and their sizes altered. Times can be adjusted in different intervals of time.
  • Thermometer: allows the scale, range and the interval markers on a thermometer to be changed and a slider control can be dragged up and down the length of the thermometer to set the height of the column. A second marker indicates the last reading so that comparisons can be made.
  • Twenty cards: creates stacks of numbered cards and individual cards. Cards appear face down. They can be moved around the screen with or without the help of a hidden grid, 'turned over' to display the card's number and deleted. Cards can be sequenced or generated as a random set, to include whole numbers, decimals or fractions.

The full Guide to the interactive teaching programs, including guidance for most interactive resources, is available below.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the age of these files some aspects of the programmes may no longer work on modern computers.


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