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Interactive Teaching Programs 3

Interactive Teaching Programs (ITPs) are an ICT-based tool developed by the National Strategies to support the teaching of key concepts in mathematics. Where available, manuals which describe how the ITP works and could be used are posted as separate files.

The ITPs here are:

  • Moving digits: allows students to demonstrate the effect of multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100.
  • Multiplication array: shows an adjustable array of, up to 20 by 20, one or two coloured counters. The corresponding multiplication fact can be hidden or revealed.
  • Multiplication board: is a multiplication square showing counters in a grid up to 10 by 10, with the corresponding numbers .
  • Multiplication grid: demonstrates the grid method of multiplication for whole and decimal numbers. The grid size can be changed to accommodate different calculations.
  • Multiplication tables: displays any table up to 10x10.
  • Multiplication facts: represents multiplication as repeated addition using a grid of blocks or counters.
  • Number dials: generates a number dial. The empty boxes around the outside of the dial contain multiples, the number in the centre multiplied by the corresponding multipliers around the inside edge of the dial.
  • Number grid: generates a 100 square grid in which individual cells can be hidden or highlighted in different colours. The prime numbers and multiples can also be highlighted.
  • Number line: generates a number line. Two markers with numbered boxes can be moved along the number line. Depending on the order of the two markers, the sum and difference between the two numbers and the calculation represented can be shown.

The full Guide to the interactive teaching programs, including guidance for most interactive resources, is available below.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the age of these files some aspects of the programmes may no longer work on modern computers.

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