Multiplication and Division

This collection of resources supports the teaching of Multiplication and Division in primary mathematics. These activities are linked to the year groups containing the corresponding content in the National Curriculum. 




Here are some favourite activities selected by the NRICH team.

  • Doubling  Fives (Y1) This activity focuses on doubling multiples of five.

  • Odd Times Even (Y2) This problem looks at how one example of your choice can show something about the general structure of multiplication.

  • Shape Times Shape (Y4) These eleven shapes each stand for a different number. Can you use the multiplication sums to work out what they are?

  • Sweets in a Box (Y5) How many different shaped boxes can you design for 36 sweets in one layer? Can you arrange the sweets so that no sweets of the same colour are next to each other in any direction?

These are just a few of the activities on Multiplication and Division that you can find on the NRICH curriculum pages.




The activities below, taken from the STEM Learning website, complement the NRICH activities above.