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LAMP Topic Brief 8: Space and Space Travel

This topic brief was published as part of the ASE’s LAMP Project. This topic was written for students aged 13 to 15, following a Mode 3 CSE course based on Nuffield Secondary Science. The approach was trialled in a variety of schools in the London area with both CSE examination classes and groups following non-examination courses. A slightly modified version was used with a wholly remedial group. The brief was also

successfully used in a unit for school refusers.

The publication for this topic includes a copiable booklet for students.

To develop in students:
1. some awareness and interest in the night sky,
2. an appreciation of the problems of space travel and an awareness of the possibilities in the future,
3. an ability and desire to search for information in books, to browse and to skim,
4. the ability to work cooperatively with colleagues and teachers developing ideas together,
5. the ability to work with large numbers, appreciating the importance of the use of scaling and of approximation.

1. Where do we live?
2. The size of the solar system
3. Distance and size
4. Beyond the solar system
5. Finding the stars
6. Looking at movement
7. Day, year and seasons
8. The moon
9. Eclipses
10. The stars through the year
11. The movement of planets
12. History of rockets
13. Action and reaction
14. Laboratory rockets and turbines
15. Orbits – circular motion
16. Satellites
17. Man in space
18. Living in space

Pupil’s booklet: Space and space travel.

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