LAMP Project

The LAMP Project was sponsored by the Association for Science Education. The aim was to consider the teaching of science to Less Academically Motivated Pupils in secondary schools, with particular regard to the 14 to 16 age range. The need for the project was brought sharply into focus by the raising of the school leaving age.

At the time it was beginning to be acknowledged that science should be an essential component of the education of all students up to the age of 16. Schools faced the challenge of teaching science to those pupils of limited academic attainment who in times past might well have 'dropped’ science studies relatively early in their school career.

The Project drew upon the experience and expertise of individual teachers who were working towards their own solutions in teaching the poorly motivated and least academic pupils. These solutions were given concrete expression through the publication of the LAMP topic briefs. The rationale and workings of the project were described in the Teachers Handbook 1.

[b]Topic briefs[/b]
In publishing topic briefs, the LAMP Project aimed to present a set of resources upon which teachers could draw. The briefs inevitably contained only a selection of the material which could be used in a given topic area. Each brief provided a complete and coherent short course which could be used in its entirety and without addition by an inexperienced teacher or one working in an unfamiliar field. It was envisaged, however, that the majority of teachers will wish to select and adapt the material presented in the briefs.

*Teachers' Handbook 1: A guide to the project
*Teachers' Handbook 2: The organisation of modular courses
*Topic briefs:
1. Fuels
2. Heating and lighting a home
3. Pollution
4. Materials
5. Photography
6. Gardening
7. Health and hygiene
8. Space and space travel
9. Paints and dyes
10. Flight
11. Science and food
12. Science and the motor car
13. Problem solving
14. Fibres and fabrics
15. Electronics
*Energy Studies


LAMP Topic Brief 3: Pollution

This topic brief was published as part of the ASE’s LAMP Project. The unit developed from a short course, first carried out with a non-examination group of students in their final year at a large inner-city comprehensive school in September and October of 1973. Subsequently is was extended to its published form...

LAMP Topic Brief 7: Health and Hygiene

This topic brief was published as part of the ASE’s LAMP Project. The brief was developed for third year pupils following a Nuffield...

LAMP Topic Brief 8: Space and Space Travel

This topic brief was published as part of the ASE’s LAMP Project. This topic was written for students aged 13 to 15, following a Mode 3 CSE course based on Nuffield...

LAMP Topic Brief 9: Paints and Dyes

This Topic Brief was published as part of the ASE’s LAMP Project. This unit was developed from work carried out with non-academic boys and girls in the age range 14 to 16 years. It was tried with some success on groups of between 12 and 15 in an urban comprehensive school of 1750 pupils. The average reading age of...


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