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Calculation Activities for Students Aged 7-9

A selection of resources published by BEAM for teachers of primary mathematics. They include challenging problems and puzzles, open-ended investigations and resources to practise and consolidate students' mathematical understanding. The activities, and their mathematical content, are: *How many squares - using connection between multiplication and area *10 spots - making a magic square *Addition grids - to check addition *Addition crossword *Brick walls - using addition *Dot to dot - simple addition, subtraction and multiplication *Ethan's puzzle - making the biggest or smallest number using addition of number cards *Missing numbers - using addition and subtraction to complete a number square *Number puzzle - finding the missing numbers from 1 to 9 to make a given total *Use what you know - using a given multiplication question to find the answer to another *Words - using addition and subtraction to crack a code *Number flag - finding as many totals as possible by multiplying two numbers from a given list *Squares picture - finding the halves of numbers to give a picture *Divisible by 7 and 9 - filling in the missing digits in a number grid *Subtractions - move around a track by subtracting numbers *The number worm puzzle - answering questions using subtraction and mutliplication *Addition squares - working out the correct number to go in the addition squares

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