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Humanitarian Engineer

Andrew is Chief Executive of the charity Engineering Without Borders UK. This Department for Education clip shows students how choosing to study science can help an individual to make a global difference. Engineers Without Borders UK, work on problems associated with communities overseas that do not have access to facilities such as water, housing or electricity. The charity places engineering students in developing countries to help their communities thrive. Alan is responsible for generating funding, choosing where to give sponsorship, training new people and selecting overseas placements. Alan took maths and science A-levels, which led on to an engineering degree at Cambridge. He says, "Maths is actually really important in the field because when you're out there providing water to people, if you get your maths wrong, and you don't provide enough water, you can create conflict. And it's not because the water isn't there. I love that my background in science and maths has led to such an emotionally rewarding career."


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