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International Space Station (ISS) Education Kit - Lower Secondary

The kit, from ESA, uses five themed chapters to explore various aspects of the International Space Station, including what it is, how it is being built, living and working on board, and what future voyages will be like.

The ISS Education Kit is aimed at teachers of secondary school students aged 12-15. ESA has developed the kit using input from teachers. Five chapters use various aspects of ISS to present inter-disciplinary exercises common to European curricula. The text describes what the ISS is, how it is being built, what it is like to live and work on board, and what future voyages will be like. There are not only text and explanations about the International Space Station, but also related inter-disciplinary exercises, a teacher's guide and a glossary.

The resource consists of:

* Teacher's Guide

* Chapter 1 - What is the International Space Station?

* Chapter 2 - Building the International Space Station

* Chapter 3 - Living on board the International Space Station

* Chapter 4 - Working on board the International Space Station

* Chapter 5 - Future voyages

* Acknowledgements

* Glossary

The ISS Education Kit is available as a download in PDF format and as an online interactive tool, with multimedia features and interactive exercises.

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