SMILE Cards 1601-2150

The cards can be browsed to stimulate ideas for teaching. Alternatively use the Activity List to locate a particular card or topic.

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    Carrie Martin

    The first 1901 - 1950 should be numbered 1801 - 1900 (it does contain this set of cards).

    Anna Richardson

    Thank you for your comment. The file name has been amended to reflect your correction.

    Mark Jones

    It is great that these resources are available to use. I was one of the teachers who wrote some of the cards 15-20 years ago. My favourite is 2150 Pizza Paradise.  


    Hi can anyone tell me where I can get the fraction playing cards - have looked all over - must be missing something.  thanks


    I too am searching for the fractions cards 2096 and can't find them - are they out there anywhere?

    Steve Lyon


    The fraction playing cards 2096 can now be downloaded from the mathematics resources group.



    What a great resource. Thanks for all the time and effort put into making this available again. Looking forward to trying this out with some current primary school children.


    Does an answer booklet exist for these?

    Rachel Smart

    there are various supplementary materials to support the Smile cards. please see

    Hope that helps


    Hi, there is no card 1625 in document SMILE cards 1601-1669.