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This collection of resources from the Association for Science Education (ASE) and produced by teachers using standard ICT packages, illustrate some of the ways that ICT can be used to enrich existing schemes of work.

A moment to learn: PowerPoint presentations to start and review the concept of moments, interactive worksheets including calculations, pupil support, guidance on how to make your own interactive worksheets and teacher notes.

Hot Potatoes: A collection of six applications that enable you to create interactive multiple-choice, short answer, jumbled sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for your pupils on the Internet.

A Radioactive Web: Guidance on producing web pages and an example of what can be done; a web-based exercise covering key concepts of radioactivity using interactive worksheets with student support information.

Making Waves: An interactive Excel spread sheet that helps students understand the quantities associated with waves.

Excellent Tests: Detailed instructions on how to produce a self-assessment test using Excel, and two post-16 examples of self tests.

Drag n Drop: A series of interactive worksheets based on the winning entry from ASE's Creative Sparks competition for ITT students.

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