These wide-ranging materials include interactive animations and print-based resources covering various science themes.

The six major resources are:

*Chemwars - an interactive game approach to teaching about reactivity, complete with video clips of the reactions

*Ghost in the machine - guide agents through practical and thinking challenges to exorcise the ghosts and learn about electromagnetic induction

*Generating resources - a selection of activities produced with standard ICT packages that can be customised or used as inspiration to create new resources

*Earth science - a collection of resources to help pupils learn more about earth sciences including video and practical work covering erosion; a template for a pupils' presentation on igneous rocks and software to support learning about seismic events

*Datalogging - a tasty selection of practical cooling curve activities using datalogging to investigate melting chocolate

*Top science - a card game which introduces pupils to the Periodic Table.


Earth Science

This is a selection of resources from the Association for Science Education (ASE) which support earth science teaching for students aged 11-16.

Rock cycle: A PowerPoint template that students use to produce their own ICT presentation based on the formation of the different types of rock. This is approached...


When your chocolate company's sales begin to melt away, science comes to the rescue with datalogging! This resource has been provided by the Association for Science Education (ASE).

Chocolate is a datalogging investigation activity. It is set in the context of helping the McChocs company to make better...

Generating Resources

This collection of resources from the Association for Science Education (ASE) and produced by teachers using standard ICT packages, illustrate some of the ways that ICT can be used to enrich existing schemes of work.

A moment to learn: PowerPoint presentations to start and review the concept of moments,...

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