Practical support and ‘how-to’ guides for action research

These resources aim to support teachers who wish to carry out an action research project in the classroom to improve practice.



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Researchers in schools

This Powerpoint was presented at...

Tools to help schools engage with research and in enquiry

This paper, from April 2016, looks at how there is a growing interest and desire amongst teachers, policy-makers and others for teaching practice to be better aligned to research findings.

NFER has developed a range of products and services designed to help schools engage with research and in enquiry. This...

Girls in the physics classroom

This report, published in June 2006, showed that girls were under-represented in physics post-16.  In 2006 the Institute of Physics published the results of a review that sought to identify causes of this issue. Following publication of the research findings, the Institute produced a teachers' guide to carrying out...